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Friday, April 7th, 2023 1:51 PM

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I can't remember what this movie is called [BEFORE 2005] Man goes to small time to commit suicide

It is made before 2004

I'm looking for a film I can't remember. It is An independent low budget film of a man (with dark hair)(not young but not that old either) who is lonely but because he says he will kill himself the whole town befriends him. I can't remember if it is British or American. In the end he is not lonely anymore because he befriended all the villagers (some give him free stuff) and help him. He even falls in love with the local shopkeeper woman but the woman he falls in love with hands him a gun and says "a deal is a deal" (or something like that) and they all, the whole town, except him to kill himself . The lost shot is him walking away towards the horizon (to a forrrest I believe) while the town watches.

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6 months ago

Is this JULIAN PO (1997), with Christian Slater? See [link=tt0119429].