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Thu, Jun 23, 2022 8:07 PM

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i can remember dialog from a movie but can't find the movie...

ok... a jewish ( 194o's or 5o's ) family lives near an irish family ( in NY i think )... the father ( i think... or uncle ) of the jewish family runs up the back stairs of the house he lives in and bursts into the kitchen a declares... "i was just over at ( the irish family )'s house and i had a ham sandwich ! it was delicious !" NOW... it.s a funny gag

( like the best one in the movie ) for the reason that it.s coming from a jewish character... in a time period when pork was a huge NO NO for jewish people... and it seems he.s denied himself of the pleasure of pork ( HAM ) for so long that he has this HUGE epiphany ! can someone... ANYONE tell me where ( what movie ) i remember this dialog / line from !?! it.s not "brighton beach memoirs" or "bioxi blues"... also checked "liberty heights"... it.s not in those 3 movies... can someone PLEASE help me ?!?!??? if someone can... PLEASE e-mail me the movie title @ :     i.d GREATLY appreciate it !

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Il y a 2 d

Any idea how old the movie is?  There is a play called Abbie's Irish Rose about a romance between an Jewish boy and Irish girl.  It has been adapted as a movie twice, in 1928 and 1946.