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Saturday, March 13th, 2021 9:24 PM

Help me find this 90s - early 00s (East?) European film: a pregnant woman runs away, gives birth alone in a ragged house, baby ends up dead


I am looking for a possibly (East?) European tv-film or a miniseries maybe (?). I saw it on Finnish tv as a child and it affected deeply in me and my thoughts of the life of a woman. Needless to say, I was too young to see such material, but I don't consider myself traumatized as such. I think I was around ten years old (+-2 years), and the film was rather modern that time so the publishing time must be something between 1990 - 2002. I have tried looking with any kind of keywords but I never find anything.

I do not remember the whole plot, but the scene that has left me haunted for ever goes something like this: there was this woman whose facial features remind me a bit of Marion Cotillard for some reason. Her hair was very short, curly and light orange or yellow. She might have worn a light blue or gray cardigan. I would recognize her picture right away if I saw it! She was heavily pregnant. Because she was alone, there was no dialogue at this point.

I had an impression she was somehow mistreated by someone, most possibly by a man/men. She ran away from someone or something and ended up in a secluded, ragged hut or a house near a river. The house had some furniture, but it all seemed very worn-out. Eventually, she gave birth alone lying on the bed and this birth scene was filmed from above. The baby was born and this is what I didn't have the ability of understanding yet: the baby was either stillborn or she killed it herself. I remember thinking why doesn't she help the baby, but it might have already been dead, and I just couldn't grasp it.

There was a deep despair in everything she was doing. She got rid of the dead child either by digging a grave (she might have dug a grave first and then figured someone can find the grave) and/or wrapping it in clothes and putting it in the river. The woman was deeply desperate and crying and I felt such a deep empathy towards her, despite everything.

Some of the memory has faded through time, so that's why the details are a bit tangled. I hope someone remembers this film/serie and can tell me the name. For over twenty years I have been thinking of this woman and her (hopefully imaginary) story, and I just need to know what lead her into that situation. I can't forget her.

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1 year ago

You may have already found the movie but it's called Rugged Gold (1994)