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Friday, February 16th, 2024 5:09 PM

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Help me find an old show

I would like you to help me find a TV program. I saw it in the 80’s but don’t know if it was a new program or a re-run. I also don’t know if it was a TV movie, or an episode from a series.


The plot revolves around our main character. Let’s call him A. A is either a private

 detective or a lawyer. He is requested to help someone accused of murder. This is drug related. The murder took place near a plane as the victim was getting on or off.


The evidence is a photo showing the suspect near the plane.


The suspect has been found guilty and is to be executed.


A discovers that the picture was reversed, to incriminate the suspect, and he is in fact innocent. A drives to the execution, to stop the execution, but he is too late and the suspect has already gone to the electric chair.

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