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Sunday, February 18th, 2024 10:42 PM

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Help I need to find a name of a Movie title

Im looking for the name of a movie title it was on Pureflix but my account was closed it was a movie about a Single mom who was a writer from New York with a teenage daughter that just found out her dad had passed and left the family farm to her and her daughter. So they packed up to go to the farm and when they got there there was no internet and the daughter had nothing to do but feed the 1 horse and got attached to him. The mom found out her ex fiance was helping her dad on the Ranch and he gave hin half the ranch but coyldnt find the paperwork to prove it, so in the mean time the daughter went to a dance and met up with the moms ex fiances nephew which she didnt know he was, When the momfound out her daughter was dating him she told the daughter she wasnt allowed to see him any more so the daughter made up training with a friend and her ranch to see him,

the drama went when the mom and the ex fiance found out they were seeing each otherand the daughter went to competition against a world champon something girl. in the end the mom got back together with the ex fiance and the guy lawyer that couldnt find the paperwork showing the ex had ownweship of half the ranch married them and the daughter stayed with the nephew. the ex fiance wore a cowboy hat and had lonh hair as did te nepew whose parents was killed in a car accident i think. Please if someone knows the name of this romance drama let me know it was on Pure flix but I cant find it. Thank you

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