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Friday, March 24th, 2023 9:59 PM

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Film Identification: Acupuncture Patient in Chase Sequence

​I remember a film where during a chase sequence inside an office tower, it cuts to a man getting acupuncture at an office in the tower.  In response to gunfire or something, the guy gets off the table, still full of needles, and starts running around the building in his underwear.  It wasn't a major character or anything.  He was just in it for the one scene.  the man was overweight and Asian.  It may have been a Hong Kong film, which would explain why I'm not able to find people able to identify it based on the scene.  It's possible that the acupuncturist himself was killed, although I don't remember for sure.  I seem to remember the guy jumping through a window, too. I've been trying to find this with Google but getting only a page of hits about films about acupuncture, usually documentaries and old martial arts films.​

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