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Fri, Nov 11, 2022 12:03 AM

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Female Cannibals

There was a movie on TV around 1980 - the scene I remember most is three or four females entering a bus and advancing on a man sitting alone. They flirt a bit with him to get closer and then they start eating him alive...

I wish I could recall if this was at the end of the movie but it could have been. I'm pretty sure it was broadcast in French (in Montreal), but it could have been dubbed. 

I'm hoping someone recalls this scene and could help me out with the title, please!


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26 days ago

This is just a guess (since I haven't seen the movie), but could it have been Cannibal Girls, directed by Ivan Reitman?

Cannibal Girls (1973) - IMDb

It is a Canadian film, so it might have played on television in Montreal.  Again, that is just a guess.  Good luck with your search.