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Tuesday, February 6th, 2024 8:46 PM

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Dramatic film in which a child's mother dies

Hello! I've been looking for a drama for a long time, which was probably filmed in the 1990s. I remember very little plot details, but I can definitely describe one key episode by which the film itself can be identified.

This film was shot in the style of British films, similar to works of Mike Leigh. The action took place in the twentieth century, probably in the second half. There were several families in the film. One of the heroines was a middle-aged woman. She had a child. As far as I remember, it was a girl, about junior school age. It is with them that the episode that I remember is connected. This girl's mother dies. This does not happen at the beginning of the film, but rather, somewhere in the middle. She may have died in a car accident. The dead woman was shown lying in the morgue. Relatives seemed to come there. I don’t remember what happened next to the girl, but she was probably adopted by another heroine.

Maybe someone will understand what movie we are talking about. I suspect it may not be a very well known film. But the episode with the death of the girl’s mother made a very strong impression in childhood, so I would like to watch the whole film.

I would be grateful for any versions!

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