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Wednesday, April 24th, 2024 3:50 PM

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Does anyone know the title of this old obscure movie?

I'm looking for an old obscure movie from a European country - not sure which country. 
The inhabitants of a town repeatedly find the corpse of the same man, who bears a strong resemblence to Jesus. They get rid of the corpse, but it appears again and again in different places, and over time everyone gets used to it and hides it better. In the film there is a pathology teacher nicknamed something like “corpse”, and a medical student. At the end, a conversation takes place between two people, where one tells the other that he recently hid this corpse, and the other person opens the trunk of his car to show that the corpse is there.

Does anyone recognize this? 

I got a suggestion on a different site that it might possibly be a film called Le Cadavre (1969), supposedly directed by Duccio Tesarri. There seems to be no info available anywhere about this movie. Is anyone familiar with it, and if so, does it match the description?

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