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Tuesday, May 28th, 2024 10:14 AM

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Comedy and family movie - mysterious castle, strange altar and stone griffins

It is crazy challenge, because I searched all at IMDB and I asked on different message boards - no luck.

I’m looking for a comedy movie (between 1980 - 2000 max). A marriage (they aren’t too young) with their friend on vacation, perhaps some island or small sleepy town with a castle. The woman is appalled that her husband doesn’t remember their wedding anniversary. Then, she leaves the hotel and explores the town or an island. Then, a strange guy notices her (he is an elderly man with long gray hair) and he offers her a walk and buys her a red dress. I remember he tells her he lives in a castle and invites her there.

He gets her drunk or gives her something and carries her to some sacrificial altar, at this her husband rushes in and on some tower, he fights an evil man. Then, he brings to life the stone griffins that decorate the tower.

I received an information from a friend that it is a family & comedy movie. It has only final fantasy scene - a fight on the tower of the castle. The husband fights with a lightsaber a'la "Star Wars".

One from actors could be similar to Danny DeVito. Thank you for your help.

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2 months ago

This sounds like a Mel Brooks History of the World meets Naked Gun type of movie. The only Danny Devito movie with a guy with long gray hair I found was Pool House and the plot didn't match. Sounds like a funny movie. Hopefully you'll find it eventually.