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Tue, Sep 21, 2021 10:35 PM

cant remember the name of the movie!

so these people need to these very special coins that are controlled and only a few select people have access to them. in order to these coins they visit a guy who is "lucky" all the time(has luck a power) so he tells these people he can get what ever they need but there is a catch. someone has to hold a bear or stuffed animal for the bad luck while the task is being completed. the guy tells them that who ever is holding this bear or stuffed animal is going to have a really bad day. while all this is going on someone knocks on his door and has won a contest and then tells them to go away and just grabs a gift basket instead. later at the bank the couple are trying to acquire these coins and things aren't going smoothly because the other people are droping the bear/stuffed animal. 

PLEASE HELP! i know the description is a bit vague but i cant seem to find it on google anywhere. thank you =)

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