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Sun, Apr 24, 2022 7:08 AM

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Can't find the name of old vampire movie

It was a movie when the young human girl(teenager, has blonde hair and wears kinda of light blue clothes or white)is accused of murdering her dad(actually i'm not sure if her was accused or her mother) and her boyfriend broke up with her. The village thinks she's a vampire. One night she goes to a castle where she meets a gothic vampire woman(she wears her hair in what looks like a bun, her hair color is black like her dress) who take care of her like a mother. She tries to bite her but not successful. Later, the village wants to attack the castle thinking the girl is a murderer. Maybe there werewolfs too but i'm not sure. When I discovered I thought it was a Carmilla version(I remember reading that on the movie description on youtube something like that) but it's not at all because of mother and daughter relationship(even in some scenes when they can look like they will gonna kiss). I didn't watched the whole movie, just some scenes on the youtube(it's a really old movie but it's colorful. I found it complete but I wasn't logged in to search on history later). I'm curious to see the whole movie and ending.

Sorry my bad english.

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