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Friday, February 3rd, 2023 11:19 AM

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4/2/23 - Need help finding this psychological thriller movie, I can't find it anywhere

The movie is about a young couple, the girl's boyfriend goes to a therapist/psychiatrist/psychologist for his anger/rage issues, he is given a cassette to listen to but the cassette has sublimnal/trance/hypnotic message which leads him to believe that he is the one committing the murders. So, they try to prove his innocence throughout the film.

Some of the scenes I can remember from the movie:

-The boyfriend is scared he will harm his girlfriend but the girlfriend insists that he stays with her while they go to sleep. So the guy falls asleep on her lap.

-The boyfriend is waiting to pickup his girlfriend from college, he's in his white ute/pickup truck, he sees her talking to a guy and starts experiencing rage/anger and he puts on the cassette with headphones on to calm him down.

-At one point he damages his cassette and gets annoyed/angry too

-At one of the crimes he wakes up with blood on him and the murder weapon, I think it was a knife.

-I think there was also writings/message on the wall in blood.

(the girl goes to college, she has short brown hair with brown eyes) and the boyfriend is young guy early 20s and is blond with blue eyes in the movie he usually wears shirts with rolled up sleeves and  t-shirt inside with the shirt open.

The movie was released between 2004-2017

It's a psychological thriller.

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