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Sat, Jul 16, 2022 9:04 AM

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2000s animated space movie

Let me start by saying I'm on this forum merely because I was forced to: I searched as much as I Could but I couldn't find the actual movie. Also do note that my memories of movie are extremely limiting. I watched it when I was probably 9 years old, but I know it exists because my sister recalls it too.

The plot of the actual movie might be different as well as key details, but it's the only thing I'm working off of.

The movie itself is either a late 90s or early to mid 2000s (I know, huge range of time but I have no idea when it was made) space travelling movie. The animating method is unknown to me, it could be stop motion, 2D or 3D, but nothing is off the table.

The plot goes thusly: The setting of the movie at the beginning is a small house that seems to be in the middle of a field, or a prairie. The man living on that property lives with his fat cat (of a color I can't remember so I won't take guesses), and he one day finds either a tape or a movie reel containing launches of human space aircraft over the years. He therefore sets on making a rocket himself, and ends up doing exactly that. A rocket he builds is of natural "kid like" shape, a V-2 german rocket type look. So he sets on to go into space with his cat. Along the journey I don't recall much, but I do remember a scene where the man takes a shower and all the droplets float around the cabin due to zero gravity. He eventually ends up landing on Earth itself (plot twist, the man wasn't even on Earth to begin with), in probably the Sahara desert. He find a man under large covers in the middle of that desert, but I don't remember if he talks to the man or what he does after. The ending of the movie is also a blur to me. It could be possible the man they found helped him rebuild the rocket so he goes back, but I have no clue.

And that really is it. I have no other way of finding it other than you guys. Thanks in advance for devoting time, and good luck (you're gonna need it).

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