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Wednesday, June 12th, 2024 4:15 AM


Why is there no longer "Kazakhstan: Kazakh title" for AKAs?

I noticed when trying to add AKAs for the movies for Kazakhstan region, there's no option for Kazakh language but rather than just "Kazakhstan" or "Kazakhstan: Russian title"? Why is that so? And if there's movie name in Kazakhstan, what are we supposed to choose out of these options? I also noticed in some of the movie databases, there's actually "(Kazakhstan: Kazakh title)" which shows there was actually an option that no longer exists anymore. Why is that and when will it be added back?



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1 month ago

@geedit078 This is standard practice across many country / language pairs.  The attribute “Kazakhstan” automatically implies “Kazakhstan: Kazakh” in just the same way that “USA” implies “USA: English” and so there’s no separate option for “USA: English” either.  It’s the same with various other countries in the AKA menu.  It’s possible there are still live examples which use an unsupported combination, but these will be cleaned-up over time; there are also some country:language menu items which still need to be removed. 

Hope this helps.