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Sun, Sep 12, 2021 9:37 AM

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Why do episodes of BBC series like 'Monitor' & 'Omnibus' get their own page, but episodes from 'Legends' 'Tomorrow Coast To Coast' do not?

Why do episodes of BBC series like 'Monitor' and 'Omnibus', and Dutch docu series 'Het Uur van de Wolf' get their own page, but episodes from 'Legends' and 'Tomorrow Coast To Coast' do not? 

I have my Movie Data Base with Movie Connect / Collectorz.com, and they work closely with IMDb for their content.

And I am very happy about that.


I cannot put 'Mario Lanza: Singing To The Gods' (2007; an episode of 'Legends')


'Orson Welles' (1975; an episode of Tomorrow Coast To Coast')

to name but two of those into my personalized database.

I have to include the entire output of Legends or Tomorrow, which is crazy, because all episodes have their own topic and are not related to the item at hand.

Is there a way out for this?

I understand that I cannot pick out one single episode of, let's say, Star Trek.

But that's obvious, the whole series is linked, but the documentary programs from series that (have) run for years on television are not.

Hopefully there is a way out of this predicament?

It would be very sad indeed if my database have wholes in it already (I am on a quarter of my collection ... just entered title number 1656 into my database...)


Eric Wobma 

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Il y a 1 a

Thanks for your outreach.


Just to clarify, have you tried submitting this title as a series yet?


We look forward to your reply.

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Il y a 10 m


Sorry for the late reply.

As stated, these titles are already on the IMDb.

Just because they are listed as 'Series', I cannot put them in my Collectorz.com personalized Database.

Just stumbled across another one:

'Man of Three Worlds: Luchino Visconti'.

BBC 'Sunday Night' Episode, April 24, 1966

Cannot put it in my database, because it is listed as one block, not separate episodes.

I DID notice that there are series episodes on IMDb listed twice...

Which is clever, but makes the site unnecessary bulkier.

(But I DO want those documentary tv-episodes into my database...)





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Il y a 10 m

Eric: Your question should probably be directed to Collectorz.com, which is an unrelated website not affiliated with IMDb.

The "Tomorrow" episode "Orson Welles" has its own page in IMDb: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1079290/

The "Legends" episode "Mario Lanza: Singing to the Gods" has its own page in IMDb: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1195227/

The "Sunday Night" episode "Man of Three Worlds: Luchino Visconti" has its own page in IMDb: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1730011/

Ever since IMDb started Full Episode Support 15 years ago, each episode of a TV series, whether that is "Monitor", "Legends", or "Star Trek", has been able to have its own page on IMDb. If Collectorz.com chooses to recognize episodes of some TV shows separately while not recognizing episodes of other TV shows, that is not IMDb's fault.

I hope this helps.


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Il y a 10 m


I contacted Collectorz.com first with this, and they say "this the way it works on IMDb, and we can't change that". They use what they are offers by IMDb.

The links you provided are indeed all separate episodes of a series on its own IMDb page, but Collectorz.com doesn't recognize it as such.

I cannot include that given page into my database.

Where separate episodes of BBC Monitor, BBC Omnibus and 'Uur van de Wolf' do not have that kind of trouble, and they are now in my Collectorz.com database nicely.