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Friday, February 11th, 2022 10:28 AM


Where to edit Alternate Names in Imdbpro

Why doesn't Alternate Names appear on my profile?

Why doesn't my imdb bio show up on google?

I want my opinion AKAs in me my imdb profile.

my profile Imdbpro:

my profile Imdb:

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2 years ago

Hi ibosbrahim -

The best way to list an alternate name is to include the (as ...) attribute on the credit(s) where that alternate name was credited on-screen, for example: "(as John Smith)".  Once an alternate name attribute has been applied to a credit, the alternate name will be listed on your IMDb page.

Can you clarify further what you mean by "opinion aka's"?  Are you referring to nicknames?

Regarding Google, all our pages are indexed automatically by search engines. We don't submit individual pages to Google or to any other search engine and have absolutely no control over how they appear or are ranked in their results.