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Monday, November 20th, 2023 6:43 AM

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WGA locked writer credits should allow clarifying edits where pseudonyms have been used (and proof can be supplied)

I've been doing some trawling through old archives of Variety and The Hollywood Reporter, and have used the information to correct and update numerous entries where credits are missing or a credit is a pseudonym. I just tried to include the original writers of a film on its page (noted as "uncredited", as a pen name seems to sit in place for all three of the writers) and got the message the writing credit was locked as it was supplied by the Writers Guild of America.

In the case of this particular film - one never released due to a lawsuit by the financier - there is ample documentation identifying the writers, such as multiple production listings from the aforementioned Variety and Hollywood Reporter, along one of those writers later discussing the film in a published interview and the film being listed in his Wikipedia entry.

At any rate, I would like to understand the reasoning of not being able to edit such an entry. Even if the credits are WGA arbitrated, it seems unreasonable to disallow inclusion of the writer's real name where a pseudonym is involved, and documentary proof can by supplied. From a historical perspective, it's potentially misleading and obfuscatory to anyone trying to accurately research the creators of a film, especially as the IMDB is the first stop for most people to get such information.



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21 days ago

Hi @Lexx_2 -

We can fix the credits, can you provide the evidence and the link to the title?


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Thanks Bethany.

The film is The Debtors (1999).

Uncredited writers are Jordan Roberts, Jeremy Pikser and director Evi Quaid.

Below I have included a production listing from Variety 26th October 1998, naming the three writers. This was taken from the ProQuest Entertainment Industry Magazine Archive. I have also added an advertisement announcing the film's Toronto Film Festival premiere from Variety, 6th September 1999.

Let me know if you need anything else.