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Fri, Feb 16, 2018 3:50 AM


Updating information (esp. via the app)

When updating info - be it trivia, or whatnot, and your info contains actor's names, or protect info, t you can't include this info the 'old' way; via 'qv' info. Now you must do it with 'links', i.e. ( link=...). If this is being done from one's phone, or tablet, this information isn't easily gleaned, without opening a (separate) browser, and then copying the info from the page's header. This makes doing any work very difficult and time consuming.




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3 y ago

Hi U.N Owen,

That is a good point. I can't think of a better workaround than the one you have listed. I've moved this message to the Ideas section, that way other users can vote on your suggestion for an alternative option which can be prioritized accordingly.