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Thursday, January 26th, 2023 12:39 PM


Untransmitted TV episodes which were scheduled but replaced, and then later included on DVD

​Can I check that I'm entering these episode details correctly. According to Wikipedia ​​,​​ three episodes (comprising a 3-part story) of the courtroom series Crown Court tt0140733 were scheduled but replaced by another 3-part story. They were not shown during the years that Crown Court was transmitted, but were shown much later on repeats channel Legal TV (transmission date unknown) and included on the DVD release.​

​IMDB currently lists the untransmitted episodes Traffic Warden's Daughter: Part 1 tt0550984, Traffic Warden's Daughter: Part 2 and Traffic Warden's Daughter: Part 3 as episodes 3.19-3.21, and lists the transmitted episode The Getaway tt1480355 (although it only lists only one episode) as having no episode number.​

​I've just removed the transmission dates and episode numbers for Traffic Warden's Daughter: Part 1-3 (with explanation and trivia entry) as submissions 230126-120801-804000, 230126-120917-786000 and 230126-121001-290000. I intend to create new episodes The Getaway: Part 2 and The Getaway: Part 3, initially un-numbered, with all three episodes being numbered 3.19-3.21 once the existing ones have been moved out of the way.​

​Is this the correct thing to do?​

​Or should the untransmitted episodes be given fictitious numbers 3.200, 201, 202 (outside the range of real numbers) to preserve the fact that they were made and intended as part of season 3?​



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2 months ago

Your link includes the comma at the end, so it doesn't land on the page:

This article doesn't give any indication of release year for the replaced episodes.

Please wait for others to weigh in, but here's my opinion.

I wouldn't assign an episode number to these episodes. Without a release date falling within the normal time for a particular season, they should go into the Unknown category. Seasons are driven by RELEASE, not by filming dates. However, a trivia item on these episodes explaining when they were originally intended to air would be good - if you have a second source independent of the Wikipedia info, or more authoritative than Wp.