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Saturday, November 26th, 2022 1:28 AM


Two images declined as not meeting eligibility criteria...

I just wanted to do a second check on these two for the series "Whale On". 

A late-night show, it IS quite sexual at times, but while some of the images try to reflect the content, I never want it to be explicit.

There are two rejections:



The second one I can understand more... the first is an episode where a strip troupe (in bathing suits) are tested out by three stars from Baywatch, including Pamela Anderson. That last part might be an issue, actually, as her addition is still stuck in pending - she's not credited, but the YouTube video is online to list her as (uncredited).

Accepted Solution




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2 months ago

Hello MovieCat,

The submissions were rejected because the images are both poor quality images (blurry) and our editors were not able to verify the images as valid. 


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@Fran​ Ah, that's fine, I thought they were rejected for being a bit saucy.

A lot of the images for that one are below the quality I would like, as it's archive TV with no major release.