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Sunday, July 17th, 2022 3:22 PM


Two image tagging corrections on Parks and recreations wrongly rejected


yesterday I entered two corrections to episode tagging of images of the series parks and recreations. 3 out 4 were rejected.

For I entered #220716-145840-447702

Because the image is not from the episode "Gryzzlebox" but from "William Henry Harrison" from roughly the second minute.

Both changes were rejected.

For I entered #220716-145943-744902 with the same changes (the image is from the same scene).

The tagging for Gryzzlebox was removed but "Williwm Henry Harrison"'s addition was rejected.

Here are clickable links to the relevant episodes: Gryzzlebox and William Henry Harrison

Thanks in advance


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2 years ago

Hi sshahar1-

Thank you for posting the submission reference numbers and the title links! After reviewing them and the episodes, I can confirm that I have now added the correct title link of the episode "William Henry Harrison" to both of those images. The changes will be live on the site shortly. 


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@Maya​ Many thanks Maya