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Wed, May 11, 2022 3:13 PM



Hi! I added a short film to IMDb that never went past pre-production. The video I submitted when creating the page was to a teaser trailer. The short film itself was never shot. Can someone please help me delete this since the actual film never existed? Thank you!




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Hi corypeeler -

Know that it is our policy not to alter or delete any kind of correct/factual information or credit from our records.  If your title was available online to the public in some form (as per the release date) we will not remove the title as per our policy.

If the title was never released or available to the public in any form, you can request a removal by reaching out to our support team directly through our Contact Form.  For more details on how to request a title deletion I encourage you to review our Help Guide (look under the "Deleting a title page on IMDb" section).