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Thursday, February 3rd, 2022 7:58 PM



Title correction tips in edit feature

In the update form under title corrections there are some fairly recent tips about the use of the form.

In section 3. Tips for Changing title type submissions, there is a list of title formats, which includes among others:

  • "Title name" (2020) (Podcast Series) is an episodic podcast series
  • Title name (2020) (Podcast Series) is a Podcast Series

You have only announced one new title type for podcast series. It includes quotation marks around the title. Is the second entry an error?

The format without quotation marks seems to be accepted by the form, which is surprising.

Other issues:

- In the next section with examples there is a typo in the episode format:

"Series name" (2021) { My First Trip (#1/1)}

I think this should be 

"Series name" (2021) { My First Trip (#1.1)}

- At least on my screen, the line which starts "You can see the formatting of a titles name by clicking ..." displays weirdly (and "titles" should be "title's")

- In the title format list it says "TV Special", but should probably say "TV Movie/Special"

- In the first paragraph of section 3 you used "it's" instead of "its"

- In section 1 on Title Merge submissions, you twice used the plural "title's" instead of "titles"



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2 years ago

Hi Peter_pbn -

Thanks for highlighting these contribution form tips, I have filed a ticket for the appropriate team to review all the examples you referenced and consider the suggested changes.  As soon as I have an update I will relay the information here.




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1 year ago

@Peter_pbn  As noted in the other threads, a new ticket covering all of the new (and old, sorry) issues with title format guides is now open (ref: Content-Q&R-2334)