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Thu, Jul 7, 2016 5:58 PM


The protocol for submitting trivia with spoilers is a little opaque.

When going through the natural course of submitting a trivia item to an episode or film page, IMDb users can easily go through the whole process without encountering one indication they should format their item differently if it contains spoilers, or that there is even a means to do so.

The only place where IMDb lists the potential for differentiating their spoiler trivia is on a completely separate page.

(Hannibal spoiler below)

Even when IMDb mistook my submission for a movie connection, there were no additional warnings or prompts about spoilers.

This oversight is somewhat severe. Even the IMDb mobile app (at least on iOS) includes a simple checkbox: Contains spoilers? [y/n]

So...why omit it from the desktop site? Surely the prompt is as valuable on the desktop site as it is on the IMDb mobile app.




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4 years ago

Thanks for the feedback.  This is a good point so we have moved this over to the Idea category for future consideration.

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4 years ago

I just had the same problem. I submitted a trivia item for WHITE HEAT (item #170304-195304-362000) without tagging it with the word "SPOILER". I'm sorry - I should have read the instructions first - but the review submission page has a spoiler alert checkbox built in, and I assumed that the trivia submission page would function in a similar way. Can one of the IMDB techs add the tag to my submission, or just delete it entirely? I don't want my IMDB account suspended.

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a year ago

Also, it should be clarified what IS and is NOT a spoiler.
People seem to be notably confused by these :
•A spoiler alters the viewing experience. The more alteration, the more spoiler-y.
•A spoiler gives away a FUTURE or OTHER ARTWORK plot twist, reveal, or valuable info such as a character's death or survival.
•Linking info should be from later to earlier episode. The reverse risks being a spoiler.
•Info regarding solely the current episode can hardly be a spoiler. One is not supposed to read them BEFORE watching, that position is untenable.
•"But it's old/known now" is not a valid escape. You do not decide what nor when people watch.

Sadly most trivia/goof entries tagged as spoiler are in fact not.
Proof that contributors care, but just don't get it.