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Tue, Jun 28, 2022 3:52 PM

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Thanks for the review edit button!

In researching 22 years of my reviews and going through them slowly to make edits because of lengthy paragraphs and typos, I noticed that the first hundred or so of them did not have a spoiler listed. I didn't start marking spoilers regularly until about 2006, even though I didn't start writing reviews on a more regular basis until 2009. 

It's taking a lot of work to go through these reviews and fix this problem so it doesn't flood IMDb with a lot of edited review resubmissions. But I was concerned that old reviews may end up deleted because they are not marked with spoilers even though they are ancient as far as the site is concerned. Just thought other long time reviewers might want to check their own initial reviews for this issue because the spoiler key did not become a mandatory one until fairly recent changes. 

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