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Thursday, May 9th, 2024 2:14 PM


Special Thanks Credit Rejected

I have submitted a special thanks credit for my film multiple times. It is based on a conversation I had with Kevin Smith where he gave me filmmaking advice and I asked him if I could list him in the credits of my film as a "Special Thanks". He said "Absolutely!". Ever since then, I have been trying to add him as a special thanks credit to my movie and it keeps getting rejected for "unable to verify". The conversation was in person so I have no way to verify that. But as the director of the film, I can assure you his name will be in the credits, whether or not it is listed on IMDB. I even submitted an image of myself and Kevin during one of my submissions and it still got rejected. The film isn't finished yet, so there isn't a way to show that currently. Any ideas or thoughts? 







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1 month ago

Hi @studio29films -

We can't add the thanks credit until the title is released and you can provide on-screen credits.