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Thursday, November 30th, 2023 9:23 PM

In Progress

Some TV episodes are mysteriously treated as a TV series title


IMDb (@Bethanny​) helped me two days ago to rearrange episodes from 50 seasons of "Troldspejlet" (1989).

Thank you for this!

But it would seem a few of the episodes are acting mysterious now.

I'm trying for instance to add a Movie Connection (features) from episode 8.1 to a movie.

Then this error comes up:

The reject reason says that 8.1 is not an episode (but it certainly is, and listed that way, too), but "an entire television series", which it is not. 

And pay attention at the very top how the title has a (I) at the end.

I have discovered that MANY of the X.1 episodes from season 6 an onwards are listed like this with a (I) at the end.

I cannot add a Movie Connection to ANY of these episodes.

So these specific episodes have the issue:






but not 11.1

but not 12.1




and so on... - there are 52 seasons in total.

Just to show you episodes appear when you try to update information for them.

19.1 looks fine (and Movie Connections can be added), and looks like this:

20.1 has the (I) at the end (Movie Connections can NOT be added), and looks like this:

Please look into this.

Best, Mads

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3 months ago

Just a follow-up.

There seems to be more episodes with this issue than just the X.1 episodes.



And those I've just found by random.

It will take forever for me to click trough all 740+ episodes to check every one of them.

From my end I will need to click on each episode, and click on the Edit button, and only then can I see the actual full episode title info.

Maybe you can spot them easier behind-the-scenes.

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OK, I've found a way to spot them all.

There are 748 episodes in total.

397 of them have this (I) issue, and thus flagged as a TV series.

Please help correct them.




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@mads_larsen_nielsen​ Hi!

Thanks for reporting, I have passed the information to our team in charge, ticket reference number V1139344752. I will let you know the progress on this.


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@Bethanny​ any news on this? I'm in the middle of adding a lot of data for this series, and have to skip adding Movie Connections to these episodes every time I run into them.



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The technical team is still working on the ticket referenced, we will post any received update on this post. Thanks for your patience!