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Monday, September 2nd, 2019 1:17 PM


Some titles whose all keywords have mysteriously disappeared/deleted.

Following are the titles:

Without Limits:

Heat & Dust:

Maybe Baby:

The Mouse That Roared:

I have also added archived entries alongwith the current pages wherever I could find them.

It is my theory that the miscreant is the same person. He/she seems to have a specific fixation on two keywords, "box office bomb" and "psychotronic film" to the exclusion of others. So he/she only leaves these two while deleting all others.

I did not even know that IMDb had started accepting "box office bomb" again as a keyword. Wasn't it deprecated long ago alongwith "box office flop"? That was a sensible move as box office results of a film are not indicative of its subject matter and are also far too complex to be proved without doubt.

The original pages can be restored by IMDb admins. That will happen in time. More pressing problem is of stopping this one user - if it is indeed one user, which is my theory but could be wrong - from spoiling further keyword pages with his personal fixations.

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5 years ago

Hi Hurdy Gurdy Man -

I can see that all the keywords on these titles have been removed, but I'm unable to determine why.  I have alerted our technical team to investigate further, as soon as I have an update I will confirm the details with you here.

In the meantime, no, we would not allow "Box Office Bomb" as a keyword, I have now removed this keyword and the changes should be live on the site shortly.

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Thank you very much.