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Tue, Oct 26, 2021 7:43 AM


Some meaningful adjustments to the parents guide for "Bullet Boy" have been declined.

The submission numbered 211020-012722-509804 is to change the content of a sex/nudity item to the following:

In a very brief shot preceding passionate sexual intercourse between a teenage man and a teenage woman, there is shadowy partial male frontal nudity in vaguely silhouette contrast with the background, as shown from his side. The otherwise naked man's underpants are pulled down below his waist enough to obscure the tip of his flaccid member, as he is making out with the woman. In the same arrangement, there is also a brief shot of him from behind, so his buttocks is visible. The woman's breasts are covered by a brassiere. Beyond this, there is no more sex or nudity in the movie.

As this is an expansion of detail for the specific scene being referenced, there is no reason for the submission to be declined. To my understanding, none of the words are colloquial and therefore do not go against the submission guidelines for parents guides. Seemingly without a shadow of a doubt, the site would be improved should the aforementioned adjustment be approved.

The submission numbered 211020-014638-058904 is to change the content of a frightening/intense scenes item to the following:

Every violent scene is somewhat intense if not frightening. The main theme of the movie is that of needless discharge of firearm and all the hard feelings or violence that escalates from the damage done (especially lives lost). This is in addition to reckless storing of a loaded firearms in households with children who don't completely understand the consequences of discharging them. Furthermore, an unloaded pistol is disposed of by a child tossing it into a canal or river, which may be far from the most appropriate way to be rid of a non-deactivated weapon of the lethal variety.

While the proposed content omits the statements that were previously there, it provides an overview of what is frightening or intense in the particular movie overall. Plus, the omitted statements belong squarely in the section for violence/gore, making their presence probably needless in the section for frightening/intense scenes. Might be an improvement to the site for the aforementioned overwrite to approved rather than expecting for a separate item to be created entirely.




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Hace 7 m

Hi jeorj_euler -

I can confirm that there was nothing wrong with the Parental Guide updates you referenced above, I have now made the updates and the changes should be live on the site shortly.