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Mon, Sep 18, 2017 11:28 PM


Rendering of Standard Character Entity References in the Systems Replacing Swikis

A number of swiki pages (mostly title FAQ pages but also Synopsis pages) on IMDb contain standard XML/HTML character entity references in addition to links to other websites. The migrations from the old system to the new system as used by the revamped interfaces for Parents Guide pages and Synopsis pages do not observe these earlier features.

I would also like to warn everybody that should FAQ pages be migrated in the same way as Parents Guide pages and Synopsis pages have, it would have the effect of defacing a large number of them. This is a problem. I hope the IMDb company is willing to acknowledge it.

Given the trend regarding these updates (unaccompanied by advanced notices) to the site, contributors and anybody who likes the swiki system are now being put in the position of rushing to archive all of the swiki pages found on IMDb.

I ask that the new system please be configured to render the standard character entity references.



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