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Thu, Nov 25, 2021 8:18 PM

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Removing the Previews from the Reviews

I look forward to the external Reviews, but what is frustrating beyond belief are all the Previews trying to masquerade as an actual Review of the entire film project.  Way back when I would find a bunch for a film of television release and submit for their removal, only to discover another production with dozens more.  It seems that for every one Review, there are 1000 Previews, so here's my questions: 
Is there any good process to filter and eliminate these Previews? 
Can IMDB track the sources submitting multiple Previews and 
'hobble' the ability for these sources to submit? 
*Worthy to note that all sources I have submitted for removal of Previews
have on occasion submitted actual Reviews. 

Have a great Thanksgiving

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