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Sun, Jan 22, 2017 2:23 AM


Remove Uninteresting Trivia

What's the point of being able to select whether you think a piece of trivia for a film or TV title is interesting or uninteresting? How about if 50 or more people think a particular trivia item is uninteresting, it is then deleted?

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5 y ago

That wouldn't be fair. What people find "interesting" varies a lot. Trivia section is there to include various (and factual) info about the production and IMDB data editors ultimately decide what will be approved etc. And people can always correct/improve those trivia bits (also make them "more interesting").

IMDB doesn't really like to "delete" info, but are (usually) happy to "correct/improve/edit/etc".

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5 y ago

It seems to me trivias go up or down in the list according to their vote.