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Sunday, July 24th, 2022 10:13 PM



Removal of THE GODFATHER fake posters

Greetings, IMDb staff,


Today I would like to highlight a problem that has became quite often lately. Customized posters and fan arts posted as primary images. 


I believe that mostly part of the users and staff here is already aware of the basic rules in the guidelines such as “primary image must be the most well recognized and iconic poster”, “fan arts and customizations are not allowed” and other stuff.


Well, the fact that there are rules doesn’t mean that they are followed, specially with a so precarious supervision that allow to some mean-spirited users post the trash that they want freely and later stay deposited here for years. Of course, add trash is infinitely more easy than get rid of it later.


For many years those two customized fake posters for “The Godfather” and it’s sequel (not counting the third film, which is a poster for a limited director's cut release that happened in late 2020) have been providing unofficial information for many users who probably think that they are original stuff provided by the studio.


At first sight they may look fine, specially because the IMDb display do not allow us to see them in full size. But let’s take a deeper look beginning with the first film:




At this Amazon link you can see the image on its full size, it’s very easy to spot a lack of resolution around the texts but no apparent signs of editing.


Now, this is a 2004 Japanese release poster:


Here, the IMDb poster again, this time I increase the exposure on photoshop, the area circled in red represents black squares that were used to hide the Japanese texts:


Got to realize that the poster displayed here on IMDb is nothing more than the 2004 Japanese poster manipulated.


The Godfather II is also the same case.


Here the Amazon link where you can see the full size poster:



Very easy to notice that the Michael Corleone frame used on the artwork is just simple a big blur, what leads me to believe that this image was enlarged from a much smaller size.


The next image is a Korean poster from an unspecified year:


Now, the IMDb poster with the increased exposure:


The blue arrows shows the erased Korean texts while the red square is the title logo used on DVD/Blu-ray releases cut and paste over the original Korean title.


For any doubts surrounding my analysis you can just simple take the posters on Amazon links and put on your photoshop or any other online image editing program and increase the exposure to see the editings by yourself.


If you want to know why I’m complaining about all this it’s just simply to show how it’s easy to let unverified and fake info pass and how far this can get. Because two fake posters displayed as primary images for so many years can only be a joke right?


And even if they where originals they shouldn’t be the primary images because they still don’t belong to the original release year, of course. 




One more thing. It’s practically impossible to report all this on that little space on the website, specially when you have to show evidences to defend your point of view. That’s another reason for me being here written all this.



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1 year ago

Hi @jackry -

My apologies for the delayed reply.  In order for our staff to investigate these poster images further, can you post the specific IMDb image links here?

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1 year ago

Hi @Michelle 

Image 474 is the fake cover of the first movie:


Image 380 is the fake cover of the Part II:


For the first movie this is the original release main poster (image 456):


This is the original poster for the Part II (image 363):


Thanks for your reply, I will be waiting for they both be corrected.