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Friday, June 30th, 2023 4:56 AM


reinstate deleted items

Unique AKA added with this submission was deleted, please reinstate these deleted items: 230504-195405-908000

You approve deletion of this unique AKA while most of the time it's hard to correct or remove bot spammed blindly copied and duplicated inaccurate AKAs (same bots who also spam these nonsense country tags on images). But these unique AKAs I added are just gone, you didn't try to protect these at all costs like how you are protecting bad country tags on images for example.

If you need proof, you can check the Poster section of the title gallery.

Please also reinstate one deleted item added with this submission: 230509-103242-004000

Proof is already in the explanation box, surely a title used by Disney+ is a valid alternate title, right?



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1 year ago

Hello mbmb,

I have re approved and also approved the corrections you submitted. The changes will be live on the site shortly!