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Thursday, September 21st, 2023 8:40 AM


Ratings in Credits list is bad


I have a decent credit list in IMDB, and often my list is used by other professionals to look me up. I noticed that the credits list now contains a rating. This is a really bad idea, because that now gives the impression that THAT rating is a reflection of the quality of my work. For example, the movie Torque, had excellent sound work done for it, but the movie overall was not a good one - it is rated a 4.1... but, it now looks like I did a 4.1 quality sound job on it... and it VERY much looks like a black eye on my credit list... even though it is not... it was a sound job that I want on my credits list... because it was much better than the 4.1

If you are going to put a rating in the credits list, then we need to be able to hide certain ones from the public, because rating is not necessarily reflective of the quality of our specific work.

This rating in the list is a HUGE detriment to us, and weakens my desire to use IMDB to show my credits list to my clients. I personally feel that ratings have no business being in the database to begin with.

Can you please respond to this.

Thomas Brewer

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