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Sat, Nov 20, 2021 2:50 AM

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Publish or specifying the time for scenes under Parent Guide section

IMDB's "Parents Guide" is a very useful section that I often visit before finalizing on a movie, especially the area "Sex & Nudity" and "Violence & Gore". It ensures if the movie is appropriate for me to watch with my kids and prevents any awkward or embarrassing scenes. Along with this valuable information if I may suggest that IMBD could capture the time of the scene would be an excellent asset to this information. This would certainly help the parents prepare so they can skip the scene while watching the movie.   

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9 m ago

This would be an excellent addition. Very much appreciated if this could be implemented. 

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8 m ago

Strongly dislike the idea.  What seems to happen is that the 99 percent of the things flagged are scenes of visible nudity.  Two problems: First, it gives the impression that IMDb serves as a way for people to find the scenes to view them out of prurient interest, especially when 5 or 10 more scenes are flagged, making it surely impractical to skip past them all.  Worse, it becomes another way for individual contributors to flag which items they think are most important, much like numerical ratings and the bold-facing, color-coding crap that tore IMDb apart several years ago, got raised up to the corporate level, and resulted in a complete reworking of the Parents Guide to eliminate just that sort of thing.