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Tuesday, March 1st, 2022 3:05 PM


Problem with Submission

Having the Same Issue : 


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This has been submitted previously - both on this page and the project page - yet has not been added despite the project - director - and other producers being credited. Please advise.

Your contribution has been declined.

The item you have submitted is exactly the same as a submission that you have already entered, which is still pending review by our staff.

Please remember that all updates submitted to IMDb are not immediately available online but must first be checked and processed by our data editors. The time it takes us to do this can vary, please see this guide for more information. If you have already submitted this item previously, please use the Track Contribution option on that submission reference instead.

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2 years ago

Hi GraniteSprings-

Can you please post the 18-digit submission reference number so we can take a further look on this?