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Thursday, September 29th, 2022 5:58 PM



Plot outline "approved" two years ago, but doesn't show up on page

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The plot outline displayed on this short film appears to have been written by the writer-director, but does not follow IMDb's guidelines for plot outlines; instead of giving a brief description of the plot, it gives a brief summary of the main theme and source of inspiration. I submitted a plot outline of my own which more accurately summarizes the plot, and it was "approved" according to my contribution page, but the IMDb page for the short still shows the old outline.
Current Outline:
The world of corporate video is paved with demanding talent and meddling clients. The Lion is based on my own real (and very painful) experiences directing corporate voiceovers.
My Outline:
A voiceover artist is asked to speak like he's seen a lion. So he goes to extremes.

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1 year ago

Hello timothy_gray_el34lojg1aih1,

Since the title already has a live Plot Outline, the way to submit any update, is by submitting a correction for the currently live outline, your previous contribution was denied due to the same reason, I encourage you to submit a modification for the listed Plot instead of submitting a new Plot. You can take a look at our Plots help guide in order to get more detailed instructions.