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Sunday, May 30th, 2021 5:32 AM


Please help - unable to correct misspelling typo in Movie Title because AKA exists

Regarding "The Giant Killler (2017)" (Killer should be spelled with 2 Ls, not 3).

The following movie title has an obvious misspelling but I am completely unable to fix it because someone has already submitted an "alternate title" with the correction, instead of actually correcting the misspelling. 


"Misspelled Tiiiitle (2021)"

"Misspelled Title (original title)"

Error Given falsely:

This correction has been rejected. You need to correct this correction before it will be accepted.

  • This correction has no effect.
    The corrected title is identical to the original title and has been rejected as a result.
This correction also has warnings,you must acknowledge each one before this correction will be accepted.
  • The new title already exists in IMDb.

original submitted note with override acknowledged still fails for same reason:

"When I attempt to correct the misspelling, an error is automatically generated that prevents the correction due to "

Fixed misspelling typo with three "L's" instead of 2. I'm getting warning errors that this is identical, however, it is NOT. The title was never spelled with "Killler" and always should have been "Killer" with 2 "L"s in "The Giant Killer (2017). Please be sure to DELETE the misspelled version!"

Accepted Solution



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3 years ago

You have it the wrong way round, technically speaking. It is an alternate title that is misspelled, so you need to edit the alternate titles section.


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@Peter_pbn Thank you very much for the clarification, Peter.