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Saturday, May 29th, 2021 10:51 AM


New Format of IMDb Main Pages -- A Visual Disaster -- Return to the Old Format!

The other day the IMDb unveiled a new format for the main page for each film.  I find the new format extremely cumbersome.  There is far too much "business" on the page now, a cluttered feel, and everything is more gigantic than it needs to be.  Huge windows with audio-visual stuff push the the cast information, director, etc., way down the page.  

Some examples:

1--  To get to the "all cast and crew" you now have to scroll down way farther than you used to, and the "All Cast and Crew" words are so tiny you can easily miss them when you are looking for them.

2 -- The release date of the film is no longer shown on the top line, where you used to be able to click and get all the various openings in different places.  Now that is buried way down.

3 -- For TV shows, where it used to read, "Season 6, Episode 1", we now have the short form "S 6, E 1".  Numbers and symbols are abstract and are not helpful the way words are.  At the very least this should be customizable, so each user can choose to have the full or abbreviated forms.

4 -- The very clear words that used to be there, e.g., "Read All Customer Reviews" are no longer there, and you have to use your intuition and guess that in order to find all those hidden reviews, you have to click on the "Reviews" title itself.  It's not explicit that the title is a link, whereas in the old design, "Read All Customer Reviews" was in clear "link" format, so you knew where the link was.

I use the main pages for research, to get quickly at the facts about a film.  The old format made it very easy to get to whatever facts I wanted, quickly.  I could move around like lightning.  I don't use web sites for aesthetic experiences -- I'm not interested in clever uses of color or of windows, and I'm not interested in fancy, artistic layout for its own sake.   I want the information in the most compact and simplest form.

Was the old page considered too dull?  Well, what's wrong with dull?  The important thing is that things should be well-organized and easy to find, with links marked as links by standard link colors, etc.  The IMDb is a research tool for me, not a celebration of web designers' artistic notions.  Simplicity and efficiency are far more important to me than dazzling style.

Please bring back the old design, as soon as possible!

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