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Fri, May 13, 2022 3:13 PM


Need staff help with declined submissions

Hi, I recently added about 70+ high quality images to a bunch of TV episodes, now on one episode, 25 of 30 were fully approved but 5 were approved for name tags and publication but declined on title addition for 'bad formatting', not sure why as there was no difference between those and the approved images.

Can you take a look at the submissions and either approve them or tell me how to improve the submission.






Also these two titles seem to be the same, so can they be merged if you agree.



That's all I have from the last few weeks, no huge list of problems, things seem to be going very smoothly for me and I thank IMDb staff for working hard on fixing many issues that made the start of the year a bit rough and making contributing a pleasure again.

Thanks for your time.

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Il y a 3 d

Hi VonPunk-

Thank you for posting the submission references! I have reviewed all 5 submissions and I can confirm that there was not a formatting issue with these images. I have now added the respective image title links and the changes are already live on the site for "Halo" (2022-).

In regards to the title merges, I have reviewed them as well and the titles have been merged. The changes will be live on the site shortly. 



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@Maya​ Thank you very much.