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Sunday, November 7th, 2021 3:18 PM


Name Merge when both pages have Credits

I submitted an Update to the page for William Upson [nm3221178]. Update(s) # 211107-144508-032000 on Sunday 7 Nov 2021. I later located the second page for him under his Birth Name William Hazlett Upson [nm0881485]. Wondering how to submit a merge due to the fact that both pages have Credits listed.

The Updates that I submitted were the Birth Name, Marriage information and 4 Family members.

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1 year ago

You can use the 'Name Correction or Merge' option. If they are merged, all the credits will appear on one page. Based on the current credits, William Upson should probably be merged into William Hazlett Upson because the latter name has more credits. In the name correction form there is a checkbox for preserving credited names; you can just leave it checked.

I noticed the birth dates are slightly different. I'm not sure how that is handled. Maybe you can just try merging and then make submit any needed corrections later.