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Tuesday, February 21st, 2023 3:19 PM



My edit was approved, so why has the name not changed?

Going on the guide stating that East Asian names should be written in Roman characters “in the way preferred by the person to whom it refers (if known)” I tried to edit Kôji Fukada to Koji Fukada, as that’s how his name is romanised on his agency’s site and most English-language official materials.
According to my contribution history, the edit (#221010-005206-366000) was approved. So why does the name still appear on IMDb as Kôji Fukada?

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1 year ago

Hi English_pedantic_grammarian-

Thank you for posting the submission reference number from this past contribution! I have gone ahead and pushed it through it again, as yes, it was approved but it seems the changes didn't go through on the site. 

The changes are now live on the site.