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Thu, Nov 24, 2022 12:50 AM


Multiple name entries for the same person (Bruce Peter)

Dear Sir/Madam

   I have been working on some documentary submissions about the Cruise Liner 'QE2'. I have noticed that watching these and similar documentaries, one name with multiple entries have been created by mistake. I have been trying to tidy up these entries. One of which was successful.

17 November 2022  #221117-031304-966000
Unfortunately my other submissions were not successful,
17 November 2022  #221117-031354-834000    Bruce Peter
17 November 2022  #221117-031109-160000    Bruce Peters
There are multiple seperate pages for the same person 'Dr Bruce Peter'.
I would be grateful if you could please combine these profiles for the same person (Dr.) Bruce Peter into one profile.
Thank You.

Accepted Solution




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14 days ago

Hi Britrick_c21-

Thank you for posting the submission reference numbers! I have checked both of the ones that were not accepted and I went ahead and approved them. The changes will be live on the site shortly.