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Friday, May 17th, 2024 12:41 AM


Moving One Department Above Another

Hi! I'm a TV editor, but my credits for assistant editing still take top spot on my page even though I've been only editing for 5 years now.  How do I move my Editor credits to the top of my page, and make it so me "known for" credits are my editing credits, not assisting? 

Also, how do I remove a video from my page? 




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1 month ago

Aquino: Please keep in mind that the following factors affect the order of the departments on your page:

  • The number of years you worked in each department doesn't matter, just the number of credits in each department.
  • Every episode counts as a separate credit. So someone who was an assistant editor in the Editing Department for 100 episodes of the same TV series is considered to have 100 Editing Department credits.
  • This may not apply to your situation, but if someone has more than one job credited in the same department on the same title, each job counts as a separate credit. So if someone was credited both as an assistant editor and as a post-production coordinator for 100 episodes of the same TV series, that would be considered 200 Editing Department credits, that is, two credits for each episode. 

If this doesn't answer your question, please post a link to your name page here so the contributors or staff can check out the situation.