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Wed, Aug 21, 2019 10:23 AM


Movie title updating

Hi there

I have recently posted this suggestion in a closed topic, which probably explains the lack of reaction / response.

When a user wants to update or fix a movie title, the only information (s)he would have to provide is ... the movie title. That probably sounds crazy but the IMDb UI is sometimes a source of confusion. In this particular UI (i.e. movie title updating), what is the point of providing the movie title AND the year? That does not make any sense!

And a bonus, if I may. Sometimes, this UI forces the user to surround the movie title with the character "
Formulated otherwise, according to the movies
        1) sometimes, I can write Vita & Virginia (2018)
        2) sometimes, I have to write "Vita & Virginia" (2018)
That's also pretty confusing and beyond any logic.

So, my suggestion is: you probably should simplify the 'movie title updating' UI.

Best regards,


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