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Wednesday, May 15th, 2024 12:51 PM


More companies that should be merged

Donah Bassett and Associates:

D. Bassett & Associates:

Historic Films:

Historic Films Archive:

Historic Film Stock Footage Archive:

NBC News Archive:

NBC News Archives:

F.I.L.M. Archives:

Film Archives:

Streamline Films:

Streamline Film Archives:

Ocean Way Studios:

Ocean Way Recording Studio:

Ocean Way Recording:

Ocean Way Music:

Oceanway Recording Studios:

Marshark Craft:

The Marshark Craft:

First Unit Caterers (US):

First Unit Caterers (UK):


Kino Library:

Sonic Magic:

Sonic Magic Studios:

Michelson Food Services: (correct spelling)

Michaelson Food Service:

J&J Catering:

J & J Catering:

J & J International Catering:

Producer's Library Service:

Producers Library:

Accepted Solution



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2 months ago

Hi @max_nunez_c1y6vogt0e5qi -

Just following up to confirm that the duplicate listings have all now been merged.  Cheers!



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2 months ago

Hi @max_nunez_c1y6vogt0e5qi -

Thanks for reporting these duplicate listings, a ticket (#P130129227) has been filed for our team who will investigate and action the applicable merges shortly.