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Monday, September 25th, 2023 1:06 PM



Missing Episode

It's always nice to find a short series on IMDB, but then it is disappointing if there is missing one episode completely:


The whole series actually is available  on Arte.tv, and I am quite sure that they didn't do an owen episode in between. So it looks as on IMDB the Ep. 8 should be Ep. 9 and the "real" 8 (translation from their german title) "Music tells the truth (1973 - 1983)" is completeley missing.

As for me adding data this way is too complicated - especially if as in this case a whole episode is missing - I'd like to know if it will be updated by somebody sooner or later?

The link to Arte (as long as available): https://www.arte.tv/de/videos/113630-008-A/country-music-8-9/



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3 months ago

Hi @magmadrag -

Thanks for your concern, feel free to contribute the missing episode by following our help guides. Let us know if you encounter any trouble.


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3 months ago

There's only 8 episodes according to all sources I think that German version is 7 shortened episodes with episode 7 being cut into a 2 parter to make 9 episodes there. Nothing is actually missing.





Hope this info helps clarify the discrepancy.

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3 months ago

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