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Thursday, May 9th, 2024 9:27 AM


Missing Credits

There are several TV shows that I was credited on screen for. At a point in time, a few years ago when i was last logged in, they showed as credited. I recently looked 5/9/24 (noticing the new platform update & integration) and found that almost all credits read “uncredited” for both Assistant Costume Designer & Set Costumer positions that held. More importantly, the Assistant Costume Designer credits are now uncredited. My name still shows on those show final credits.  How do I have that changed or how do I change that without the risk of the entry permanently disappearing?



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1 month ago

Hi @DavidCMelton,

Thank you for your report.

This may be the result of inaccurate additions or corrections made by other contributors. If you have credits listed on your IMDb page with the (uncredited) attribute which do not accurately reflect the on-screen credits for the titles you have worked on, please submit corrections to remove the attribute wherever necessary. To do this, you should provide sufficient evidence to support these corrections, such as screenshots of the on-screen credits. You can find more information on providing evidence with your contributions in our help guide.

I hope this helps!